Who are we?

Hettigoda Energy Technologies (HET) is a renewable energy solutions company based in Sri Lanka. HET has been able to provide sustainable solutions for rural areas, urban residential areas and industrial environments in the energy sector for over 26 years. We believe in sustainable development with renewable energy. In an era of energy crises, it is important to create awareness of energy conserving modes.

What do we do?

We produce power from renewable energy sources while contributing to decreasing the harmful consequences from Greenhouse effects like global warming while creating initiatives to help the world conserve energy, time and money. Basically, we are here to light up your world by catering to all your energy and power needs both domestically and industrially.

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We are the only service providers in Sri Lanka which have the required expertise in every stage of providing renewable energy to both the industrial and domestic sector. The experience of over 24 years in the manufacturing stage, supplying stage and the installation stage of the turbines is unrivalled and has assured the smile of almost all our clients. Micro Hydro power plants, Wind turbines are manufactured from scratch by Hettigoda Energy Technologies and thus we guarantee high quality goods and services, all for very reasonable and affordable prices.

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Micro Hydro Power Plants

Areas with water bodies could be potential sources for this type of turbines. Strong water flow with potential and kinetic energy hits the turbine producing alternative current. We have three options depending on the other conditions of that environment.

(1) Pelton Turbine

(2) Cross-flow Turbine

(3) Francis Turbine


(1) Small-scale Wind Turbines

In dry windy areas, highlands, coastal lines or any other area with a minimum wind speed of 3ms-1 , is optimum to start the rotating process. Wind speeds of 10ms-1 to 11ms-1 would be more than enough to produce enough current to light up even a small village with many houses. We manufacture Small-scale Wind Turbines starting from 250W to 3kW.

(2)Wind and Solar Hybrid Systems

Energy gain from both sources produce greater results. Windy areas with good sunlight are ideal for this system.


Solar Panels

We implement solar panels to convert solar power in to usable alternative current in houses or large scale industrial sites.

There are three options available:

(1) Net Metering Systems

Even with the smallest solar panel system that needs an area of 6.56 m2 can produce a power of 1kW. Minimum output of 4kWh energy per day saves 120 units per month. No. of units could be easily increased by simultaneously increasing the surface area of the solar panels. With this, you can sell the excess energy to the National Grid of Sri Lanka and have an extra income! Under this method, 22 Sri Lankan Rupees per unit is paid.

(2)Solar Water Pumping Systems

This pumping system is incredibly useful to those areas without surface water. With this system we can pump ground water to the surface and utilize it for day to day activities.

(3)Wind and Solar Hybrid Systems

Energy gained from both sources produce the greatest of results when it comes to power. Windy areas with good sunlight are ideal for this system.


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